How I Came To Cityteam

Kwinn Tucker, City Director

Kwinn Tucker, City Director

I’m fairly certain that the reason I work here today is because of a 5 year old boy I met at Cityteam back in 1998–this Cityteam branch was a small shelter with rooms for families, and my friends and I had started volunteering there. This little 5 year old boy’s family was staying at the Cityteam shelter. We became friends when a few volunteers and I decided to bring a Christmas tree to liven up the shelter for the holidays. Here, was this little boy, who had been living in a shelter and yet he was completely thrilled by this Christmas tree and having someone to play with him.

It didn’t take much from me to make that little guy happy. To be honest, what I loved most about him was that he picked me. Every time I came back, he would come running, wanting to sit in my lap to read books and show me his toys. He picked me, and I adored him. I always left a little bit happy, slightly sad, and yet anxious to come back again to help in any way that I could.

I continued to volunteer, and throughout my time there, God began to change me. Being down there, volunteering at the shelter, became a part of my life rather than a departure from the norm. Four years later, I transitioned from volunteering into working at Cityteam Chester.

I love what we do here. People’s lives are made better because of this place. People find food, clothes, shelter, recovery from addiction or even a friend–right here at Cityteam. You can plainly see the hope and love found in knowing Jesus through the work we do.

It’s inspiring. What started out for me as an attempt to bring life into my faith, has become so much more. I’ve been a part of wonderful things that have helped people and Jesus has change my own life in ways I never imagined. Just like that 5 year old boy, my time at Cityteam Chester has been more of a gift to me than anything else. Come check us out or maybe even volunteer, I know it will be the same for you, too.

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