5 Easy Ways to Help During the Holidays

Kwinn Tucker, City Director

Kwinn Tucker, City Director

The holiday season is here. If you have been wanting to celebrate by doing something special for someone in need, we have a few great ways you can at Cityteam. We have a list of over 1,000 families and over 2,500 children who can use your help that brings hope.

1. “Adopt” a Child or multiple children who need toys for Christmas. You will be provided a child’s first name, “wish list” of favorite toys, and clothing sizes to give you a personal connection with the child you are helping. Click here for more details.

2. Collect and Donate Toys and Food.. Print out these lists of most requested toys and our most needed food items.Please note the requested deadlines so that your donations do the most good this year.

3. Volunteer at one of our Thanksgiving or Christmas events. We have something for all ages, so check out the options by clicking here.

4. Donate  financially. Just click here and remember to select “Philadelphia” to keep your gifts local

5. Share this post with your friends and family to help spread the word of all the good you can do to share help and hope with families in need throughout the holidays!

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