A Lighthouse in the Storm

Meet our newest team member, Nancy Craskey, through her story of serving at Cityteam.  


I am the light of the world. Whoever follows  me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. John 8:12

You can’t always stop the storms in life, something I know all too well. At Cityteam we see devastation of life’s storms in the lives of the people we serve. Most of us in this work have weathered many ourselves. When I think of these storms I think of the image of a ship trying to navigate treacherous waters doing everything in its power to reach calmer waters and safe harbor.

I joined Cityteam in October as their Major Gift Development Officer after 5 years of working with many of its programs as a volunteer with my family.   In my time as a volunteer and in the 3 months since I started as a staff member I have seen how Cityteam is often a shining light in what are the darkest times for people.

That’s why I find it interesting that every time I turn on to Sproul Street and I see our red brick building with the white Cityteam sign at the top in my front view mirror, in my mind’s eye I see a lighthouse. Whether it’s the simple yet strong brick building, or the fact that it is not surrounded by any other buildings or maybe it’s just how the Lord wishes me to see it every day. That’s just what I see….a lighthouse!Cityteam Chester Building

light·house ˈlītˌhous/ noun:

a tower or other structure containing a beacon light to warn or guide ships at sea


Isn’t that exactly what we have been called to do at Cityteam? Don’t we serve as that beacon of light?    Not only do we serve our guests with food, shelter, clothing and all the essentials for themselves and their families we strive to be a source of hope, of dignity and respect, spiritual nourishment and love.

I have absolutely no doubt that is what I was called to do and I often say that I feel like I won the lottery when I was given the job as Major Gift Development Officer at Cityteam. I have the unique pleasure of getting to love what I do because it marries my abilities with my sense of purpose in this world. I get to see a light come alive in the men who live with us, to see laughter in their eyes, hopes, dreams, and to hear their stories when we sit together at lunch. We bear witness to them navigating their way with our help to calmer waters and a brighter future.

We are all keepers of the light; the staff, the volunteers, our guests, and our many donors and supporters. That is how I see the work I do, this simple brick building is the Lord’s lighthouse in Chester. It is my job to make sure that like any building or endeavor that we have the funds to do the necessary work to continue to be a beacon and to let that light grow stronger every year. It is truly a labor of love and the most rewarding thing (other than motherhood) that I have ever done.

I look forward to getting to know you, thanks for reading!



Nancy Craskey, Major Gift Officer


2 thoughts on “A Lighthouse in the Storm

  1. What a beautiful article! I agree…Cityteam is more than a building! It’s a place full of hope for so many people who come there for food, clothes, recovery or just someone to hear them. Thank you all for serving the Lord & the poor every day! I look forward to following this blog…Nancy is a wonderful addition to Cityteam!

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